Karla Ederer

Karla Ederer Ceramics

Karla Ederer discovered her love for the potter’s wheel and ceramics over 15 years ago as a compliment to her job as a social worker. The diversity of clay and the infinite possibilities for decoration motivate Karla to keep making something new. She was fascinated by the turning of the wheel from the very start …

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Stefanie Beck

Stefanie Beck – Das Lederlaedchen

Stefanie Beck – Das Lederlaedchen (The Leather Shop) Stefanie Beck makes leather bags of all sorts. Some are all leather – like her coin purses and cosmetic bags with a metal clasp. Or bigger leather items such as matchsacks. For others she combines genuine leather with selected fabrics to make larger purses and carry-alls. In …

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Labum Design

Labum Design – Fine Hand-Knitted Accessories

Hello, I’m Zeynep and I am the designer for Labum. Handmade products, especially knitted designs, have always attracted my attention and I’ve been interested in my mother’s handicrafts since childhood. This learning adventure started with knitting scarves, progressed to designing sweaters and. over time, even bags. In 2015 we started presenting our designs to you …

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Münchner Waschkultur

Münchner Waschkultur – Fine Soaps, Locally Produced

Old-fashioned know-how blended with new ideas resulted in the fine soaps produced by the Münchner Waschkultur. Their belief in the best ingredients ensures that these soaps are made according to specialized recipes and great attention to detail. You can smell it and feel it as soon as you touch the soap and the exceptional combinations …

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Alison Werdann - Wanderess Gear

Alison Werdann – Wanderess Gear

Hi–Alison of Wanderess Gear here! I design and create textile items to keep your belongings organized and look good while doing it. I make a range of products, varying from articles to keep your purse contents, travel backpack and even your yoga mat sorted. Such as: passport wallets, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, tote bags, backpacks …

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