Slowly the lockdown measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 are being eased in Germany and stores are now able to re-open. However, community masks are now obligatory in stores and on public transportation. That leads to the question, which mask should I wear and where can I get one? Lots of people can sew their own masks and I think that is great. But for those of you who don’t sew, we want to offer you a solution.
At Hands Gallery we have a selection of handmade community masks in various sizes and patterns. My colleagues have sewn a lot of masks and you can choose one and immediately take it home with you.

But some of you may not immediately find the mask you are looking for. Maybe you need or want a special mask. For example, you might need a different size for your younger child or something a bit bigger for yourself. I would be happy to sew a mask for you in any size – S (children 3-5 years), M (children 6-12 years), L (teenager and women) or XL (most men) as shown below. The nice thing about ordering your own mask is that you can choose any fabric from my selection or even bring your own fabric for your mask.

For men who have a beard we also have a selection of ‘Beard Masks’. These were designed and sewn by Kathy from Dirndl-Schnitte. Kathy’s husband has a beard and was feeling uncomfortable wearing a standard sized mask. As a tailor, Kathy decided to find a solution. Thus, she developed a mask that is extra long and wide, providing space for both beard and sideburns. The masks protects the beard, doesn’t slide up and is comfortable to wear.

And then there’s the little black mask. Usually we think of a cocktail dress when we talk about little and black, but with Corona things have changed. These black community masks are sewn from jersey and are popular with both men and women. The mask is neutral and matches any outfit. That way you can fulfill your obligation to wear a mask and don’t have to waste time deciding what to wear.

Black Community Mask from Stretch Fabric

But if you are still looking for an answer to the question, what mask to wear, then I would invite you to order a custom mask. You can choose from my selection of fabrics or even bring your own fabric and I will gladly sew you a mask. Here are some of the masks I have already made:

Regardless of what you decide or where you get your mask – I’m happy that Hands Gallery is open again and would love to see you at the store.

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