Log Cabin Quilt in rose and dusty blue


  • 150 x 230 cm / 60 x 90 inches
  • 100% cotton – back is cotton flannel
  • traditional Log-Cabin pattern
  • handmade here in Munich
  • machine sewn and quilted
  • washable at 30° C


This cozy soft quilt in dusty blue and rose is sewn in a log cabin pattern that is set to create an illusion of circles. The quilt measures 150 x 230 cm (60 x 90 inches) and is big enough to fit on a double bed or comfortably cover two people on the sofa while watching television. The cotton fabric features florals mixed with solid colors.

The center square or ‚hearth‘ of the log cabin is made from a beige floral fabric with dusty blue and rose colored flowers. The same fabric has been used again for the binding to edge the quilt.

The back of the quilt is a cotton flannel fabic in off-white with a simple leaf print in beige. The flannel is soft and warm, adding just a bit of weight to the blanket.

The lightweight batting used between the top and the back of the quilt is made of cotton and bambus fibers, thus ensuring that all the components of the quilt are natural.

All three layers are quilted together with a simple pattern shaped like oval petals that slightly overlap, lending a touch of interest to the overall design.

This log cabin quilt is a timeless classic that has been designed to be both simple and stunning and would easily fit in a country home or a modern decor.



Material: 100% cotton
Batting: Cotton/Bamboo mix
Size: 150 x 230 cm / 60 x 90 inches
Maschine pieced and quilted
Washable at 30° C / 800 rpm

This quilt matches the Log Cabin Baby Blanket in faded pink and dusty blue.

Additional quilts and handmade products can be found at Hands Gallery or in our online shop.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 230 × 150 cm

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