„Lust am Schaffen“ or the Desire to Create was used by a journalist as the title of an article about one of my exhibits. And that is exactly what moves me.

In my studio in the Reismühle in Gauting I create ceramic sculptures and objects. Sculpture has always fascinated me and clay is a material that has an archaic force that I long to create with. The material almost speaks and thus the object is created in a conversation and a discussion between me and the object itself.

My sculptures are abstract – a hint of an object shown through form and line. Once the shape is finished then the surface is created. Sometimes in an open fire, using raku or with metallic oxides – the colors emphasize the expression of the object.

Regardless whether the sculpture is large or small, every piece is unique.

I am very pleased to have this opportunity at Hands Gallery and hope you will stop by to view my sculptures and objects, including my signature steers, other animals, abstract forms, soap dishes, vases and more.

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