Sunrise-Sunset-Quilt in bold colors


88 x 90 cm (32 x 36 inches)

bold colors

stained-glass optic

100% cotton fabric

flannel back

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This Sunrise-Sunset-Quilt in bold colors measures 85 x 90 cm (32 x 36 inches) and is completely made of cotton fabrics. The center block features a foundation-pieced shape, accompanied by flying geese and squares in the colors of the quilt. Other areas of the quilt are made with the stack-and-whack technique which results in similar shapes being repeated in different color combinations. Everything is framed with black – giving the whole quilt a stained-glass window look.

The original idea for this quilt came from a project for my quilt group The Samplers. In 2018 to celebrate 500 years of Martin Luther each member of the group made a small stained-glass window. I made 3 – one of which is featured as the bottom left hand corner of this quilt.  After the project had been displayed I took it apart and added the other pieces that resulted from the technique I used to create the original. Stack-and-Whack is a quilting technique where several different fabrics are stacked together and then cut up. When sewing the pieces together the fabrics are mixed resulting in similar looking blocks in different color combinations.

This Sunrise-Sunset-Quilt in bold colors makes a statement and would be a wonderful wall hanging. It would also be a colorful baby blanket. Backed with cotton flannel in green the quilt is an original design by Claudia Ziersch.

For more quilts and other patchwork items made by Claudia Ziersch visit Hands Gallery in the Pariser Strasse 21 in Munich.

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