Leather Bags – new at Hands Gallery

Ledertasche mit Schnappverschluss

Stefanie Beck – DasLederlaedchen (The Leather Shop)

Stefanie Beck makes simple macht schöne, handgefertigte Artikel ganz aus Leder oder in Kombination mit Stoff für den alltäglichen Gebrauch. Dies sind Geldbeutel, Schlüsselanhänger, Stiftemäppchen, Kosmetiktäschchen, Taschen, Turnbeutel und Rucksäcke.

Stefanie believes that leather is a wonderful material – it is soft to touch and easily changes form, yet it is also robust and durable. As leather grows older it develops a patina, which makes it more beautiful and unique.

Stefanie has been in love with both leather and bags since she was a child. By opening Das Lederlädchen she unites these two passions. She has been sewing leather products by hand and with her leather sewing machine since 2017. Her product selection includes bags of all sizes and colors. And she is more than glad to help you, if you have a special wish for a specific bag.

You can find Stephanie Beck’s leather products at Hands Gallery or online in her Etsy Shop.