Individuality. Personality. Handmade.

When it comes to handmade patchwork, quilts, bags, jewelry and ceramics we have a large selection of locally made products for you. We also have and pillows or knitted socks and other accessories in the store.  All of these items are made with attention to detail by our skilled and experienced members and specially selected guest artists.

To learn more about the Members of the Cooperative and the Guest Artists simply click on the corresponding image.

Members of the Cooperative

Claudia Ziersch

Quilts, patchwork und embroidery service.

Valerie Errante

Knitting and sewing – hats, wrist warmers and clothing.

Iohana Jascau

Handmade jewelry – stones, beads and Swarovski crystals.

Karla Ederer

Ceramic mugs and bowls.

Stephanie Beck

Leather and fabric bags and accessories.

Guest Artists

Gabi Funke

Gestrickte Socken und Babyschühchen.

Nähwerk- statt

in der Netzwerk Geburt & Familie. Schöne und bunte Stofftiere und Babyspielzeug.